Spy Smasher No. 2 (Winter 1941)

This “Golden Era” comic transports us back to time when America was preparing for war in Europe and beyond. It’s the winter of 1941 and Fawcett Comic’s Spy Smasher is already fighting Nazi Germany.  Like all the superheroes of that era, Spy Smasher was ready to fight for truth, justice and the American way.

In this week’s edition of Classic Comics, our readers get all 64 glorious pages of Spy Smasher, No. 2.  It is a treat to read these comics in their original format and SGC is glad to bring them to our viewer’s attention.  All of these comics are an American treasure.

You can read more about Spy Smasher here.

See the original. 

Spy_Smasher_002_compressed copy