Emily Gaither

“Unwanted Wishes” – Part Three

by Emily Gaither (Edtior’s Note: This is Part Three of this short story, which we are publihing in serial form. You can find Part One at southerngothiccreations.com/unwanted-wishes-part-one and Part Two at southerngothiccreations.com/unwanted-wishes-part-two.) Zelda took a slightly meaningful breath and glanced at Meredith – any hint of an accent, gone. “What do you want, little girl? […]

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“Standing Still”

By Emily Gaither The drink had stopped helping, and I felt dizzy, not from the wine, But from feeling small and insignificant. I felt like wives Whose husbands leave them for younger women must feel. Places like that make me feel uneasy, like someone prone to seasickness. The only thing I could think to say,

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