“The Struggle” – Part Six

by Mark Essem


(Jack goes into the library and becomes a member then goes and looks at some books he picks up a alcohol addiction 12 steps and drug addiction he then goes and sits down in the corner away from everyone and starts reading.)

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“Infirmary” – Part Two

by Steven Anthony George

450 lbs.

Why did God make the insects change themselves from one form to another? Why do they begin as a worm, crawling and eating and crawling and eating, and after, it goes to sleep for a little while and wakes up as something different ─ sometimes something beautiful, like when the caterpillar turns into the butterfly? It’s for reproduction, I think. As the worm, it doesn’t do more than eat and store up energy; then, as a fly, it travels far and wide to find a mate. That’s why one part is crawling and the other part is flying. It can’t fly to find a mate and to find food at the same time; it would die from exhaustion or maybe never find another, because it’s too far away, but instead it does one and then the other, which is a perfect plan.

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“Ritual Space in Nebraska”

by Trista Hurley-Waxali

My field isn’t improving, even after the fancy fertilizer and the engineered-to-spray irrigation. My books show this week to be the lowest crop yield, which means I have to do something quick before I have to worry. I have to find a solution that gives me a field of profit, rather than burden.

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