The Breakers by Deneen Azzolino – Part One

Part One:

Newport Rhode Island happens to be one of my favorite go to places to visit. It’s about a hour away from my home so when I want a  quick break from everyday life. That wonderful salt air is usually what helps me rejuvenate. When you go to Newport, you go back to the famous Gilded Age.  It’s like going back in time! A lot of those shows and movies you see are filmed right there in Newport. The movie True Lies and Amistad were filmed at Rosecliff mansion. The Great Gatsby and 27 Dresses was filmed there too and at Marble House. The series The Gilded Age used a few of the mansions and one of them was the one I revisited today, The Breakers. I say revisited because I have been there quite a few times. To me, it never gets old. There is always so much to see and even if you seen it before, it still such a feeling of awe. To see how “The other half” lived, is just amazing. Most of the mansions were their summer homes. So, a lot of those mansions were spared no expense. They were lavish and the mansions were spectacular. Some of the original owners of those mansions were The Astors, The Vanderbilt and The Morgans. Today I went to The Breakers which was originally owned by The Vanderbilts. The Newport Preservation Society bought it from the heirs of The Vanderbilts in 1972. The Newport Preservation Society owns 11 properties and landscaped areas/ gardens. Their goal is to preserve these beautiful mansions. When I went to The Breakers they were doing some major restoration. It’s nice to know that Newport Preservation Society is taking care of these beautiful mansions and not letting them just fall apart.

I hope you enjoy my little trip back to The Gilded Age!

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