A little art now for the art site:

 Photo by Chad Peltola on Unsplash

Raging through the Heartland
in a cream-colored Cadillac,
I saw the light’s ray
illuminate the dust from my dashboard.
Running through Nowhere, Midlands,
I lost my innocence
somewhere between
Routes 85 and 95.

I meet a dirt-poor farmer there
who told me
what he thought was truth
and that Jesus lived in Boise, Idaho.
Dylan saw it all
from the back of a Buick 6.
But I didn’t have much to say-
the Heartland just raged before me.

The seamless highway stood before my eyes-
lighting its way.
Old, brown row houses
and mansions full of gold
stood close together
fulfilling their missions
on the pale, cold journey.

Raging through the Heartland