To Honor Our Vets 

From time to time, SGC and our sister publications will take the time to honor our Vets. The men and women who have served our country should be honored every day in our hearts and in our minds. Freedom is never free. America was built on people who were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice. This is something that should never be forgotten.

I encourage everyone who has a story, pictures, flyers, or any items that would honor our vets to please share it with me on my email. I would love to share these stories and memories of our service people. I wish I had collected all the mementos I have seen over the years. They would be priceless now – not monetarily, but in sweet remembrance.

In this article, I have included pictures that I took of the Vietnam War event in Poquoson, Virginia in 2019. The men and women who organized this program should be commended for keeping the legacy of our warriors alive. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the government’s participation in the Vietnam War, we need to separate those grievances from the commitment of our soldiers. Their bravery should never be forgotten.

Please take to time to honor our Vets: