An Essay of Time and Water

Photo by giuseppe Peppe on Unsplash

An essay of time and water,
a celebration of memory
intertwined through our minds
and riding a crafted sunset.

Life passes easy from time to time.
A colorful dream eased in
to a peaceful sleep – rest assured.
A sunrise quick to follow a lighted twilight.

Riding the waters of forgiveness,
A quiet sailboat flows towards celestial shores.
Pain is followed by release and calm-
a life of total healing soon to follow.

An easy trip for the suffering few,
those who have seen eternal life.
Pray a prayer of strength for the wounded souls
left to face the harsh, bitter sun.

But cry not for the weary traveler.
He is rested and renewed in robes of gold.
Angels massage the wind
through his auburn hair.

Joseph St. John