In Loving Memory of Vickie Reed

Above: Vickie (left) with her dear friend, Ashley Vallette

Over the years, you have the opportunity to meet many people, but only on a rare occasion do you meet someone who shares your creative flair. Vickie was one such person. She had a gift of wanting to share nature and create wonderful photography.

She saw the beauty of art and loved to tell stories about her adventures and her life. She was fierce and independent and had a way all her own. Every time, I would talk to her, she wanted to do a project with SGC. She wanted to be creative. She was loved by her friends and family and is missed by all who knew her.

Godspeed to you, Vickie, and may your light shine bright in Heaven. Vickie passed away in 2019.

Please take the time to enjoy Vickie’s photography.


Joseph B.  St John