You Wanted CFP Chaos? Thank Alabama by Bryan Law

Image by Keith Johnston from Pixabay

Before the 12 team expansion next season, there had to be total chaos with the old 4 team system. If you wanted chaos whether or not you liked the SEC, you can thank Alabama for winning the conference championship. If its anyone who has played spoiler the last several years, its the Crimson Tide.

Only reason Alabama is not a total lock in the CFP is because they lost to Texas at home earlier in the year, knocking them out of the top ten. Since winning ten straight, they got as far as number eight in the CFP rankings and faced Georgia for the SEC Championship. That is where the true chaos began.

Bama beat the Bulldogs and caused a lot of worry from within the college football universe. Texas did however hold the tiebreaker over Alabama from beating them on the road, so case closed right? Well almost. As a man and an SEC fan, I knew I had to bite the bullet and watch the reveal to see who would get in. Knowing for a fact that the SEC would miss out for the first time.

I expected Michigan against Texas and Washington against Florida State. Boy was I in for a shock. Once Alabama was called number four, I couldve swore I heard the entire universe scream and not for a good reason. Bamas upset caused an undefeated Florida State to be knocked out of the playoffs along with Georgia.

 I couldnt tell you whether I should be relieved, shocked or saddened by the results. But, I will admit I hate it for the Seminole faithful to be snubbed all because of losing their quarterback. As honest as I should be, the SEC shouldve cut their losses and waited till next year. Most likely Bamas argument was knocking off the number one team and they proved that Georgia was not as relevant as they were the past two seasons.

 If Georgia had won, we would not be having this conversation plain and simple. The top four would have most likely remained the same with Texas outside looking in, preparing for the SEC next year.

 So for all the college football fans, if you wanted chaos, thank Alabama for it and for Florida State, trust me. I do feel your pain.

 You got screwed. Nuff said.









Bryan Law