Florida State, I’m On Your Side by Bryan Law

Image by Ernie A. Stephens from Pixabay

While the media has turned their attention to another controversial matter in the NFL, its no surprise that the riot seems to continue in Tallahassee after the CFP snub. As I said before, I was not expecting an SEC team to make the cut since Alabama upset Georgia. No doubt every team who was active had a case to prove, but Florida State got the worst of it.

I have never before in my life heard the lame excuse the committee made all because they had lost their quarterback. They were undefeated for crying out loud. It took Mike Norvell several years to get this team back to where they once were when Jimbo Fisher was the coach. Beating LSU in the season opener was enough to convince me they should be playing for a national title. I knew they were coming back.

Me being a fan of the SEC, are you wondering why Im defending Florida State, an ACC team? Although Im not happy with the outcome, yes I am still happy the SEC still has a chance to win five in a row. Texas owned the tiebreaker over Alabama and still earned that right even when Georgia went down. Thankfully for the committee, this is the last year of the four team playoff which turned into another BCS circus.

My thoughts still go out to the Seminole fan base for this wrong that will never be corrected. To make matters worse, theyre facing Georgia in the Orange Bowl, so my loyalty must sadly stay the same. Something tells me theyll be coming in to Miami just like Goldberg ready to spear someone.

FSU, if you werent playing an SEC team, I would cheer for you but overall, Im on your side.

Bryan Law