Continuing our tradition of supporting Independent music artists, SGC is proud to support Violent Vickie’s latest track.

Over the past several years, SGC has made a commitment to independent artists. The number of outstanding performers that exist outside the mainstream is staggering and too large to ignore. Writers, musicians, and surrealist painters have been locked out of the mainstream.

This has not happened by mistake. The corporate media wants to control and limit the amount of excellence the public sees. They are happy selling the half-baked crap they believe the masses want. It is up to independent artists and media to push the boundaries and get the art and excellence of these performers to the public.

Violent Vickie’s newest track, “Circle Square,” is an outstanding example of this concept. This well-thought-out mix of Goth and techno sensibilities allows the listener to get lost in the groove, while also experiencing the feeling of being separate from the everyday drudgery of modern, drab life. It set a tone for the underlining disconnect many people are feeling in today’s world.

Violent Vickie is a Los Angeles-based Dark Synth-Riot duo, consisting of Vickie and co-producer/recording guitarist E. The track is described as a “gloomy, noisy electronic track with forlorn and haughty vocals that explores the illusion of not belonging.”  And, it does not disappoint.

It captures sorrow and pain but doesn’t get lost in melancholy. It’s greatness lies in what it doesn’t say and the words that are left silent. When a song tells you that the performer is lost in despair over 50 times in a four-minute song, it is easy to feel that their real despair is that they lack real creativity.

It seems feelings are now something people want to hit you over the head with. People want their emotions to overpower you and control you. Violent Vickie just creates.

The song is somber and foreboding. It allows you to follow the emotions you are feeling. You are allowed to feel and project your own wanton spirit. This is the best music of all.  Music that creates atmosphere but allows you to follow your own path. No saccharine lyrics needed. “Circle Square” fits the need. It is the atmosphere of losses, not the hammer of false pain.

You can Pre-save/Stream/Buy “CIRCLE SQUARE” at:

It will be worth the effort.

Joseph St. John