SGC Classic: Corporal Terrie Songer Makes History

This is a blast from the past.  From my first paper, THE REAL STORY, this article from October 3, 2012 documents Terrie Songer as the first female supervisor to serve at the Columbus Police Department.  Terrie would retire for the CPD in 2017 as a Lieutenant.

It’s unusual that a person can say they have done something that no one else has done before, but “new” Corporal Terrie Songer can say she has.  She is the first women to be promoted to any rank in the history of the Columbus Police Department.  In what may be an everyday occurrence at most police departments, it is a first time rarity at the CPD.

When talking to Songer she shows the same excitement and desire that has made her an exceptional employee over the years. “I am so happy about my promotion.” Songer beamed, “It is something I have been working toward for a very long time.”  No words could be truer for Songer who has been focus on her goals over the past 5 year.

Songer joined the department in 1996 and has been a mainstay with the department every day since.  Serving in patrol, administration, DARE, investigations, narcotics and  as a public information officer, Songer has now fulfilled her dream of becoming a supervisor in the department.  And she has all the tools to be very successful.

Her energy and good-naturedness will take her far.  During her tenure as the CPD’s PIO she showed exceptional abilities to understand the complexities of the department.  The PIO Positions will make her transition even more successful.  Very few people will have her complete experience, when they take thier new rank.

After a 10 year stint in the Air Force, Songer joined the CPD to start her commitment to public service in Columbus.  Always ready for a new challenge, Songer has been eyeing the prize of leadership since she entered the profession.  Her many assignments and success has prepared her for this very important moment.

Songer went through a grueling process to get to this place.  After completing a very tough promotional process, she was one of the top qualifies.  And after a delayed waiting period, she is now ready to handle any obstacles she must face to be a successful corporal.

Songer continued discussing her hard work, ” I will always do the very best I can to fulfill the expectations of the Chief of Police, my supervisors, and the citizens of Columbus.”  She also understand the first female corporal. “Being the first certified female Police Officer to be promoted is a true honor. I have always loved the Columbus Police Department and now I will forever be a part of its history.”

On Friday, Songer was doing what she doing what she does best. She was working with the Community.  She is truly one of the great ambassadors that the department had ever known.

Songer is a fighter and she is role model.  She is a fighter who gives her all and will make the department proud.  She is tireless working and a person who truly loves the Columbus Police Department.

In reflection, Songer understands the tasks before her.  She understand her role in history.  She understands she is one of the chosen ones.  In her final words, Songer said it all, “I hope I am a positive role model for the young female.  I want them to believe in themselves and don’t let anything or anyone stand in their way in fulfilling their goals.”

No better words could be said.


Joseph B. St. John