Going Down by Joseph B. St John

Photo by Hans @ Pixabay

Wading through the Johnstown Flood

the water running through my brain,

I stood calm, collected

hoping for the distant shore.

Looking for the answer,

looking through the rain,

is this all to reason

or am I just destined

to go down – for the third time?


Quizzing Mark stands like a fire

burning in the midnight sun.

He wears his intellect on his sleeve,

always armed with knowledge.

He stands proudly in his books

each one comfortably read.

He hopes no one notices –

nobody takes the time

to see him go down – for the third time.


Pretty Mary, all dressed in comfortable glow,

walks through the city streets.

She’s as perfect as Immaculate Conception

in her expensive white gown.

Her hair is done at Taylor and Beaus.

She’s the desire of every man

but when she goes home

and looks at the wrinkles on her face

she sees herself go down – for the third time.


Little Tommy playing with his gun,

money growing in his young pockets.

He’s a Robin Hood in gold chains –

a gangsta with a goal.

He’s rough and tumble to the world-

a man fighting on his own.

Across town two young men

drive to where Tommy’s standing.

He’s about to go down – for the third time.