Get to know our Artist: Deneen Azzolino

Hi, I’m Deneen Azzolino,

I started writing at the advice of my uncle Joseph St. John to help deal with the loss of my son Matthew. Once I started writing the words started pouring out of my body and soul. I found a passion I never knew I had! I love to write about everyday life and how I have learned to deal with it. Sometimes it’s in a good way and sometimes, well not so good but that is life and it’s how we learn.

I’m a Paraprofessional by day and a writer, editor and research assistant by night! As I’ve gotten older my life has gotten better and more interesting than I could ever imagine. I’ve been married for 24 years and have 3 beautiful daughters! One is a phlebotomist married and living life to the fullest and the other two are in college. One is going to school for Public Relations and the other is following her Artistic dreams of being an Illustrator. That’s one thing I hope everyone can do in life.  Follow your dreams no matter how old you are because life is too short for regrets!!

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