The Newest Popeye is Edgy!

Southern Gothic Creations has licensed this product through King Features.

Since December 2023, SGC has been featuring the newest daily Popeye cartoons.  I have been a Popeye fan for as long as I can remember and I have a great respect for all the Popeye animation especially the Max Fleischer features from the 1930s.  Those cartoons are incredible.

Unfortunately, during the 60s and 70s, the Popeyes cartoons became more and more child like. My love for the character permeated any shortcomings the newer animation had. Popeye will always be Popeye.

Fast-forward to today and todays Popeye is edgy as….  I was stunned and happy.  Popeye was always supposed to have an edge and this Popeye does.   So, whether Popeye is fighting a computer dictator or an evil Ungenie, this is great cartooning. 

Take the time to review our daily cartoons of Popeye!  You will love it.  (Read Here)