Ivanhoe- Fawcett Movie Comics #20 December 1952

During the Golden and Silver Age of Comics, many publishers printed comics of classic literature as we showed last week with the Invisible Man.  However, another avenue they took during this time was doing comic book interpretation of movies that were recently in the local movie theaters.  These publications often highlighted publicity stills on the front cover and often throughout the book. This was a unique opportunity to produce a “one-shot” book based on a popular trend.

Fawcett’s Ivanhoe was based on the 1952 movie starring Robert TaylorElizabeth TaylorJoan Fontaine and George Sanders.  The movie was a box office and critical success and was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. This comic also features a beautiful publicity shot of Elizabeth Taylor on the back cover.  The book truly documents a distinctive time in Hollywood and in mainstream comics.

So, enjoy the majesty of Ivanhoe!