Get to know our Artist: Bryan Law

Greetings Southern Gothic Creation Community,

My name is Bryan Law. Some of you may remember me as an SEC Football and NASCAR sports writer for Real Media several years ago. I also wrote for the now defunct for four years up until mid 2018. I had briefly wrote for afterwards. Due to lack of free time, I felt my time for watching sports full time was severely limited. 

Now that I work for Baptist Memorial Hospital in Columbus, Mississippi during the day, I feel now I have enough time to talk about sports again. 

I am hoping talking about sports with you will once again lift my spirits and enthusiasm for the sports I love to watch. The recent firings of two SEC coaches has hopefully once again fueled my passion for writing and discussing these current events and hopefully take me to the next level. 

I am once again looking forward to hearing from you about your opinions and thoughts and hope to engage with all of you on a professional level. 

The landscape of SEC Football and NASCAR is changing rapidly and someone here in Columbus, Mississippi needs to get those debates started and I hope to be the one to do so. 

I want to thank Joseph St John for inviting me over to SGC in hopes of reviving my writing career and turning it into something bigger and thank you for taking time to listen to me.

Hope to hear from all of you soon.

Bryan Law

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