The “Green House Near Loveville” Is An Exciting Read


William Crute draws upon a background ranging from the FBI to the Special Forces, from classroom English teacher to artist and gallery owner. His new novel, Rainbow Isle, joins three previous novels — Morgan Makes Money, The Greenhouse Near Loveville, and Nineteen and Mia. All four stories are fast-paced and entertaining. 

The author is a father and grandfather and comes from a long line of Virginia farmers. He and his wife, Barbara, live in Poquoson, Virginia.

Over the years, many of Southern Gothic Creations’ followers have witnessed our organization’s desire to spread the word about independent authors. It is difficult to get published, but it is even more difficult to be read. The publishing elite takes it upon themselves to force-feed the general public what they think is good and – much like the music industry – the general public only hears or sees what the elites want them to hear or see. Talent is not always even part of the consideration of who gets published.

With that in mind, I would strongly encourage our readers to take the time to read a wonderful book from independent author, William Crute.  His book, The Green House Near Loveville, is a delightful mix of humor, satire and science fiction. Crute’s characters shift though the plot and events with remarkable ease and hilarity. It is one twist after another.

The main character, Morgan, is an atypical hero who specializes in making money, but, throughout the process, learns that money is not everything. Family, love relationships, and even the unknown future is part of the bigger scheme. Morgan is as unique as the book he lives in. 

The Green House Near Loveville is for everyone who loves adventure, romance, sci-fi, and plots that are not standard. It is fast moving, fun loving, and full of excitement. It will be worth your time and effort.

The book’s tagline says it all:

The Green House Near Loveville is a three-part tale featuring Morgan Armstrong’s exploits, misadventures, and discoveries. Part One, Morgan Make$ Money, introduces Morgan as a man obsessed with making money. All of his successes come to an end, however, when he is convicted of a murder. In Part Two, The Green House, Morgan is released from prison and must start a new life with only $1,500, a cabin in the George Washington National Forest, an old VW bus, and his three children. In Part Three, The Collapse, the United States of America collapses in eight days, followed by all of the advanced nations in the world. Morgan, his family, and other characters find their way through the initial challenges brought on by the collapse. The world as they knew it has been lost, but, in the process, the playing field has been leveled, creating opportunities for people and nations to start over.

What else needs to be said?!

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