Upon Butterfly Wings

Photo Credit: Yuichi Kageyama on Unsplash

by Joseph B. St. John 

In the space of one morning, I saw the tiny doves fly into the sunrise. One after another, they disappeared into the brightly colored coat of the sky. Dew laid like mist on the earth’s green carpet.  And the moisture made a pearl cover in the morning sunlight.

I was seeking the genius of madness in the “New Creation.” New wings upon a silken back prepared the way for the journey – for the quiet adventure. Moving gently on the butterfly’s wings, I fluttered through my quiet day. Never looking back, I journeyed to forgiveness in a shallow pond. My quest was simple – it was to see my reflection in the water. As the butterfly glided so softly, I thought quietly about what tomorrow brings.

The sun’s reflection opened up my mind and let it spring into my emotions. I have seen angels, but I’ve never asked why. I’ve seen sorrow, but never asked how. I have flown through the green mountains of Candlewood and never dreamed it could be any different.

Beauty was an everyday occurrence in the hollow sky. We flew over the dragon’s lair and I scoffed at its roars so far away. The harp music from the town below flowed through the atmosphere and touched my ears with pleasure.

The young girls danced in the town square. Their bodies moved rhythmically, and each sway caught my breath. The dark-haired girl drew my attention and my heart. I commanded my winged friend to move closer.

The girls appeared not to notice as we glided in for a closer look.  They just moved in a romantic trance. Back and forth, they swayed so gracefully. I watched unnoticed until the sun set in the heaven’s west. The dark-haired beauty moved back into her home and my heart stood silent. And my butterfly… flew me away.