COLORS OF A LIFETIME by Joseph B. St. John

Image by Joe from Pixabay

Silence breaks the thunder.

Warm, billowing masses of air stream through the night.

Clouds like children gallop the skyline.

A pale, refreshing breeze envelops my skin.

Darkness covers all except for twilight’s flickering light.


Mist, so rare a beauty–

Moisture’s shiverless form pleases in its touch.

The dampness lingers joyfully around.

Hiding moonlight peers in glow toward the soil.

A seagull; lonely, lost in time, flutters without a sound.


Strange movements evoke mystery.

Waves crash gently onto the sand’s soft, tan life.

The wind whispers questions through eternity’s eyes.

The ocean longs to claim dawn’s glorious rise.

Whispers of love and calm fill the earth’s bosom and soul.


Flashes in the distance,

a remembrance of a storm long ago,

lights the air, filtering time and passion’s quest.

Local men paddle their boats to safety’s shore.

The water bursts with each stroke hammering the swell of the tide.


Colors of a lifetime

re-enter the black spheres calling of the night.

A thousand beacons send their comfort homeward.

A twinkle never appreciated so real.

Moon, stars and glory pouring down onto earth’s rugged shore.