Southern Gothic Creations Excited About Shift In Focus

Southern Gothic Creations is excited to announce that we are shifting our focus to publishing and promoting the work of budding creators in the genres of comic books, superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. In addition, we will be reviewing the works of established individuals in these genres. We will also now be providing online forums so that fans of these genres can voice their opinions, in the process engaging in lively yet productive debates with fellow fans of these creative styles.

Past visitors of our website,, will notice a few changes. For example, the “Work” section now features pages dedicated to Artwork, Photography, Stories, and Videos. In addition to the aforementioned forums, we have a calendar of events, which we will soon be filling out with info on Comic Cons, re-enactments, and other events being put on by people from all over.

In appreciation for the efforts and contributions of writers in the Southern Gothic genre who allowed us to publish their work, we have decided to continue to display their work on our website as well. Of course, we are now welcoming contributions in our new focus areas.

We are excited about all of the changes to Southern Gothic Creations and we hope that you will be, too! We welcome any feedback that you care to offer, as we launch this venture into new and exciting directions.

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