“The Struggle” – Part Two

by Mark Essem

(Editor’s Note: This is Part Two of a scrip for “The Struggle,” which we are published in serial format. Part One can be found at http://southerngothiccreations.com/the-struggle-part-one.)

INT. Flatmate comes round – Morning

(There’s a knock at the door. Jack gets up and answers it. It’s his mate, Tim.)

Tim: Have I just woke you up?

Jack: Yes, I fell asleep on the settee. Come in.

TIM: Have you got anything? No one has got anything and they said they can’t get anything.

Jack: I think I’ve got five 10s left.

Tim: I’ll have them, then. I don’t know when there’s going to be any more to get.

Jack: Well, I hope my contact can get some, ‘cause I need to make some money.

(Jack goes and gets the deals and then passes them to Tim.)

Jack: Here’s my last five.

Tim: Nice one, bro.

(Tim passes Jack the money.)

Tim: I’m going to get off. If hear there’s anything about, I’ll let you know.

Jack: Same, bro. I’ll see you later.

Tim: See you later.

(Tim leaves the flat and Jack puts on the kettle.)

INT. Jack goes to see hs contact. – Day

(Jack knocks on the door. Bill answers.)

Bill: Come in, mate.

(Jack goes in and they go to the kitchen.)

Jack: Can you get any hash?

Bill: No, mate. No one can.

Jack: Fuck.

Bill: Got plenty of this. If you want, I’ll give you some customers.

(Bill pulls a bag of cocaine out of his pocket and starts lining up, then gets a £20 note and sniffs a line then passes the note to Jack.)

Bill: Here, try it. I’ll give you some deals to save, then send the customers to you, and then sort you some money. There’s going to be no hash for a while, so you need to make some money with something else.

(Jack sniffs the line of cocaine.)

Jack: That’s good shit, that, Bill.

Bill: Told you, mate.

(Bill goes to the cupboard and gets a package full of cocaine, and passes it to Jack.)

Bill: You know what you’re doing, don’t you? I’ll let people know, then I’ll let you know.

Jack: Cheers, Bill.

(Jack leaves the house.)

INT. Jack’s flat – Day

(It’s a couple of months later. Jack is drinking a can of beer, sorting deals, and sniffing lines. Then, he puts the deals in his safe, where there’s a pile of cash.)

INT. Strip Club – Night

(Jack is at the strip club with some mates. They’re partying and doing lines on the sly.)

Tim: We’re on our way to the top, bro.

EXT. Arrive at a car park to pick up pills – Night

(Jack and Bill are in the car and arrive at a car park, where three men are waiting. Jack and Bill get out the car and go to the three men.)

Dealer: You ok, Bill? It was a 1,000 you wanted, wasn’t it?

Bill: Yes, pal.

(The dealer passes the bag of pills to Bill, then Bill passes them to Jack.)

Bill: Go count them.

(Jack goes to the car and starts counting the pills. After counting them, he goes to Bill.)

Jack: There’s 999.

Dealer: You’ve counted wrong or you have one.

Bill: Go count them again.

(Jack goes back to the car and starts counting them again.)

Jack: There’s 999.

Dealer: There’s 1,000.

Bill: Look, if he says there’s 999, then there’s 999. He will not fuck me about, so get the one that’s missing or take them back with you.

(The dealer’s two backup men tense up, ready to fight.)

Dealer: Calm down, everyone. Go get another pill; I trust him.

(One of the men goes to the car and gets a pill, then passes it to Bill.)

Bill: That’s a 1,000 sorted.

(Bill passes the money to the dealer.)

Dealer: Pleasure doing business with you. You know my number, if you need anything else.

Bill: I’ll be in touch when these have gone.

(Bill and Jack get in the car and drive off.)

Bill: Always make sure there’s the amount you are buying don’t even let them get away with one, ‘cause that one turns into two. Before you know it you’re losing money and people are robbing you left, right and center.