“The Struggle” – Part Three

Here’s  Part Three of “The Struggle,” by Mark Essem.

(Editor’s Note: You can find Part One at http://southerngothiccreations.com/the-struggle-part-one/ and Part Two at http://southerngothiccreations.com/the-struggle-part-two/.)

Int. Jack At His Flat Taking Drugs – Night

(Jack is at his flat, rolling a joint of weed, drinking beer, doing lines of cocaine, and doing pills.)

Int. Flat – Jack Seeing What Drugs He Has Left – Morning

(Jack is in his bedroom. He opens his wardrobe and opens a big bag that is at the bottom of it. In the bag there are packages of cocaine, bags of pills and weed, and piles of money.)

Ext. Side Of A Lake Meeting A Customer – Day

(Jack gets out of the passenger side of a car and walks up to a man.)

Jack: You waiting for Bill?

Customer: Yes

Jack: He told me to give you this.

(Jack passes a package of cocaine.)

Customer: Nice one.

(The customer passes Jack the money; then Jack gets in the car.)

Int. Car – Going To Pick Up Cocaine – Day

(Craig is driving Jack to test and buy cocaine.)

Craig: Bill wants you to test some coke and if it’s good, buy it.

Int. Car – Sniffing Coke – Day

(Jack gets in the back of a car that’s got three men in it. The man in the back is lining up cocaine for Jack to test. He passes the cocaine to Jack. Jack sniffs one line, then another. Jack then exchanges money for the cocaine, gets out the car, and gets in the other car. They drive off. Jack is wired from taking the cocaine. He looks in the wind mirror and sees an unmarked police car.)

Jack: Fuck, there’s cops behind us.

Driver: Chill out, they’re not after us.

Jack: Don’t tell me to chill out! If we get pulled over, we’re fucked!

(The blue lights come on on the police car and speeds up. They both panic and he speeds up.

Driver: Fuck, there’s a wooded area coming up. When I pull over, get out and run and get rid of that.

(The driver starts pulling over. Jack gets ready to get out and the cop car drives past. They both sit back, relieved.)

Jack: Thank fuck for that! Let’s get back home. I need a joint after that. That could’ve been and one day that could happen to us.

Driver: It’s not a case of “could.” It’s the longer you’re in this game, the closer you are to doing time.

Jack sits back still wired and in shock and realizing one day he could get caught.

Int. Jack In Flat – Night

(Jack is sitting on the settee. On the table there’s cocaine, weed, and beer. He finishes rolling a joint and sparks it up, sniffs a line of cocaine and opens a can of beer. He gets up and looks through the side of the curtain seeing, if there’s any police or other people. He’s paranoid from earlier. He makes sure the curtains are closed properly, locks the doors, and turns out the lights, leaving the light from the TV so he can still see. He sits back down, does another line, smoking his joint, and drinking the beer.

Int. At Bill’s House – Day

(Jack goes to Bill’s house.)

Jack: Did he tell you about yesterday?

(Bill shushes Jack and whispers.)

Bill: I think the neighbors are listening and watching. I need you to save me these, till things calm down.

(Bill passes Jack a rucksack full of drugs.)

Jack: This is a lot of stuff, with the other stuff I have already.

Bill: Don’t worry; some of it is getting sold today. I’ll pick you up late.

(Jack leaves the house.)