They Have Arrived

Southern Gothic Creations is proud to announce our re-launch.  Since its inception in 2013, SGC has focused on the best of the arts with an emphasis on literature, art, music, and fashion.  Often, this was done with a touch of lifestyles.

As our company prepares to kick off Phase 2 of SGC, we want to be more focused on the Southern Gothic concept of art.  We intend to show all the best of what Southern Gothic can be.  We will be witty and daring, with just a touch of Southern charm.

Another major change will be that we will accept a greater number of submissions. Artists of all kinds are encouraged to show their talents.  We are seeking photographers, models, painters, writers, poets, and crafts people showing off their talent. We want people who understand the concept of “gothic.”

In addition, if your work is chosen to be featured on our site, we will add a link or ad to encourage all of our readers to view and buy your products directly from your site.

It is a fresh beginning for SGC and our staff is excited.  We look forward to forming new partnerships with other artists and finding new readers. The future is as bright as you can make it. Let SGC be part of all your creative endeavors.

By Joseph B. St. John