Megadeth is Back with “We’ll Be Back”

Loudwire reported on June 23, 2022 that Megadeth had released a new song:

The first new Megadeth song from their imminent sixteenth album, The Sick, The Dying… and the Dead! arrived early on Thursday (June 23). The rippin’ track is called “We’ll Be Back,” and fan reactions — both glowing and otherwise — have started coming forth.

Still, Megadeth fans appear thankful the album’s on its way, since much interfered with the making of it. In 2019, Megadeth bandleader Dave Mustaine was diagnosed with throat cancer. Then, longtime bassist David Ellefson was booted from the band in 2021 after an Internet sex scandal. Replacement bassist James Lomenzo officially joined the group last month after bassist Steve Di Giorgio stepped in to record the LP.

“We’ll Be Back” also marks the Megadeth studio debut of the band’s drummer Dirk Verbeuren, who joined the group in 2016 but had yet to contribute to a studio album.

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The video and song is as fast and gritty as Megadeth fans would expect and Mustaine does not disappoint.  There is more action in these five minutes as there is in most action movies.  See the origin of Megadeth mascot Vic Rattlehead begin to unfold. Watch it here.

Megadeth and Mustaine are back!