Ron Parlato


by Ron Parlato Pilgrimage is an event held in many towns in the Deep South to celebrate the antebellum period of cavalier manners, graceful elegance, and spacious homes. It is a time for the owners of these homes to show them to the public, and romantics from Maine to Michigan come down to experience the

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Earl Hutchins

by Ron Parlato My name is Earl Hutchins and I own the Hutchins Run B&B in Linings, South Carolina. It’s about as much of a bed and breakfast as Hadley’s Rest, a sorry piece of lumber that’s only good for pussy and sour coffee. There’s not much reason to stay at my B&B, either, unless

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by Ron Parlato My name is Elizabeth Bolen and I own the Owens Mill B&B in Natchitoches, Louisiana. My guests come here for the Christmas Festival of Lights, an event a lot like Mardi Gras, with krewes, floats, and music. They also come for marriages and anniversaries or to study the history of the region

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by Ron Parlato Amanda Leigh, like most little girls, liked playing with Barbie dolls.  She liked to dress them, comb their hair, and strut them around in their high heels. “Barbie sends the wrong message”, said a feminist critic. “She symbolizes everything that is wrong with gender roles today.” Amanda Leigh turned out fine. She

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