Addie Talley is a self-taught photographer who has been doing photography since 2007.

She considers herself a “goth girl,” and this comes through in her work, which focuses on the dark, creepy, or whimsical-fairytale side of life.

When she isn’t shooting awesome artistic photographs, Addie keeps busy with her “9-to-5” job, her husband and four children, and being a cheer coach and tumbling instructor with a local facility.

Originally from Crawford, MS, Addie has lived in Columbus since 2006.


The Seven Deadly Sins

Anger, envy gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, and vanity – How we love you all! How we love the sweet taste of vengeance inside your soft soul reign! Each one gives a reason for the reasons that we love – being bad with all that’s good. A mixture in our mourning, before our daily dose of real.

Photography by Addie Talley                                    Words by Joseph St. John